Knits & Boots

AUTUMN is finally here and I can’t contain my excitement. All the leaves, the knits, the drinks, colours give me life.

Summer’s always been about transformations to me. With my skin and hair changing colour every August, I feel like a better version of myself in autumn. The weather then starts to get chillier, the knits come out and then pumpkins are everywhere, leaves on the floor… gives me peace.

I have always been someone who likes to stay in. Cozied up on the sofa with a warm drink, looking out and seeing oranges, watching funny/scary halloween movies… Currently on my list are Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family and Monsters, INC (I mean I’ll watch Monsters, INC any season any day so any excuse to watch it, I’ll seize it!).

And of course, knits! I am obsessed with jumpers, on tights, jeans, on their own with boots. They just feel like wearing a blanket in public, and who wouldn’t want to wear a blanket everywhere all the time? The chunkier and heavier they are, the better!

You can check out some of my favourites here:



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